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Managing spaces in AddReplicaToPFRecursive.ps1 script

If you are familiar with Microsoft Exchange 2007 you already know about the AddReplicaToPFRecursive.ps1 script that can be found in the “X:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Scripts”, however this script has a bug it doesn’t look to support public folders which names contains

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Cannot move mailboxes: INSUFF_ACCESS_RIGHTS error

When moving mailboxes from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 or Exchaneg 2010 either from Exchange Management Console or Powershell using the move-mailbox or new-moverequest cmdlets the move operation might fail with the following error. Active Directory operation failed on

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Managing certificates in Exchange 2010

If you are familiar with Exchange 2010 and trying to install Exchange 2010 for the first time you should have already noticed that the powershell cmdlets used to request and install certificates in Exchange 2007 no longer work in Exchange

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How to Flush DNS cache (Windows/MAC/Linux)

DNS cache, although very useful in normal time, can become very annoying when all you want is to get rid of it to initiate a fresh query. Here is how to clear the DNS cache on each of Microsoft Windows,

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Solved: Setup Exchange 2007 SP1 CCR passive node fails

When installing Exchange 2007 SP1 in Cluster Continuous Replication (CCR) configuration. The setup of the passive node fails with the following error: “This is not a passive node. A clustered mailbox server represented by the cluster resource group [clustername] was

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Give me 2 minutes and I'll save you hours of Exchange troubleshooting !

Disclaimer: Guys if you happen to be suffering from “Event ID: 494” syndrom on your Microsoft Exchange Server do not attempt anything before reading this article, I might save you a lot of time. It is always frustrating to me

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