Changing password using Exchange 2010 OWA fails

There have been lately quite a few buzz around the fact that changing password through Exchange 2010 OWA is failing with the following error even though user is not logged on with the light version of Outlook Web App

This feature isn’t supported in the light version of Outlook Web App.

This feature isn’t supported if Outlook Web App is set to maximize the blind or low vision experience.

This error is due typically because the operating system on which you are running your Exchange 2010 CAS has been cloned, virtual image template etc…, but not prepared with sysprep before installing Exchange on it.

In short sysprep is used to prepare an image before it is being cloned or “generalized“,  and apparently this is leading to this error.

If you are facing this problem DO NOT attempt to run sysprep on the server you already have Exchange installed on running this will break it. Instead

  • Prepare a new image/server, do not forget to sysprep it if it is from a template or any other clone.
  • Install Exchange 2010 on it.
  • Move all roles/mailboxes from the currently facing the problem
  • Decommission the one with problems.

Have another solution for this issue ? Share it in the comments.

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