Do NOT install Exchange 2010 SP1 on your Edge/TMG server

If you are running Exchange 2010 Edge on Forefront TMG do NOT install Exchange 2010 SP1 on it yet. Doing so will lead to crash your TMG Managed Control service with the error

The Forefront TMG Managed Control service failed to initialize. Error information: Command failed with error: The term ‘Get-AntiSpamUpdates’ is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the path is correct and try again

TMG-EdgeSP1 Error

At first sight it looks like the Get-AntiSpamUpdates cmdlet was removed in Exchange 2010 SP1 and that the TMG Managed Control service is not aware of that change yet! I have no confirmation about this bug yet but it looks like, for now, it is better to refrain from installing Exchange 2010 SP1 on your Edge server if the latter is running of Forefront TMG.

On the other hand, I have installed Exchange 2010 SP1 on several Mailbox/CAS/HUB servers without issues.

This has been confirmed by Microsoft Exchange team and the TMG Product team

Update 2:
A fix has been updated for this issue you can grab it here

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3 comments on “Do NOT install Exchange 2010 SP1 on your Edge/TMG server
  1. Schikitar says:

    So is it possible to still upgrade the Mailbox/CAS/HUB server to SP1 and just leave the Edge server at RTM? …or would it be better to just wait until this issue is resolved?

    • akhater says:


      the configuration Edge RTM with mailbox/cas/hub spq1 is working just fine for me for the past 10 days or so at 3 customers. So I think it is safe for me to say you should have no issues with this configuration.

      That been said I'm sure that the Exchange/Tmg product team will solve the issue within days so, unless your having issues SP1 should fix, I decided to wait untill I apply SP1 on my other setups including TMG/EDGE but that is just not to have to do the intervention twice

    • akhater says:

      Just an update that the fix has been released, you can d/l from the link in the update 2 of the document

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