Quick Tip: Forcing OAB Generation

When migrating between Exchange version or when introducing a new CAS server sometimes we need to force the generation of the Offline Address Book so clients can pick it up and avoid unneeded outlook errors.

Here is how to do it in 3 quick steps

1. Update the Offline Address Book
From Exchange Management Shell (EMS) run:

Get-OfflineAddressBook  |  Update-OfflineAddressBook

2. Restart Microsoft Exchange System Attendant service on the Mailbox Server responsible for OAB Generation

From Exchange Management Shell (EMS) run:

restart-service MsExchangeSA

3. Restart the Microsoft Exchange File Distribution service on the Client Access Server
From Exchange Management Shell (EMS) run:

restart-service MsExchangeFDS

or run

Update-FileDistributionService  CASServerName

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One comment on “Quick Tip: Forcing OAB Generation
  1. Talwinder Singh Kaila says:

    Updating and then restarting “file distribution Service” did the magic for me.

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