Lync monitoring Server Error cannot impersonate user for data source

After installing Lync monitoring Server role you might face a problem when trying to open monitoring server related to CDRDB and QMSDB.

The CDRDB is the Data Source associated with the Call Detail Recording Database
and the QMSDB is the Data Source associated withe Quality of Service Database.

since the Lync reporting server uses Microsoft SQL Reporting Services for detailed reports generation, it seems this error is related to the user account that designated during the installation to connect to the SQL reporting Services. although usually the Lync installation wizard verifies the user account supplied during installation and will not continue the setup if there was something wrong with the information supplied.
in this case the installation process will complete successfully without any errors.

The Lync Server uses by default a windows user account to connect to the Data Sources that are associated with Call details recording and Quality of Service databases.

In order to modify the settings for those data sources we should access the reports configuration as below


(remember to use access the reports using http since if https is already configured for reportServer Access thus it will not work)

we need to change the configuration for both CDRDB and QMSDB that is located under the “lync_ServerReports\Reports_content\” folders

as below

now we can have access to the data source configuration.
Access each data source configuration and scroll down to the bottom section where you find the user account that you used for reporting services during the installation

as below

notice the notification in read at the bottom

now type the correct password for the user account you want to use and press test connection, the test should be successful and your configuration should look as below

after changing the information for both the CDRDB and the QMSDB close internet explorer and login to the monirtoring server by using the following link https://monitoringServerFQND/ReportServer using valid administrative account. ( I use the same account that is used to log on to the Lync control panel )
browse the dashboard under the lync server reports you should be able to open it successfully.

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  1. WMAMAN says:

    Amazing! This worked right in the middle of an install.


  2. Mike Papa says:

    You have saved the day. Cheers mate.

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