Exchange 2010 Hosting Mode dead! Long live Exchange 2010 SP2


Finally the service pack 2 for exchange 2010 has been released to the public you can find it here

with this release the exchange multi-talent mode has been eliminated, this  suppose to be a hit in the messaging and collaboration environment.

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4 comments on “Exchange 2010 Hosting Mode dead! Long live Exchange 2010 SP2
  1. FrostBanana says:

    Does it means they are combining hosted mode with on-premises? 🙂

    • akhater says:

      There is no more hosting mode, the “regular” installation has now the ability of the “hosting” mode and includes all the advantages of the “regular” one 🙂

      Hybrid deployment (cloud + on premises) are also supported

      • mouhamad says:

        i followed your “step-by-step” guide.. very helpfull, and have now almost 300 users on the hosted server. i understand that to upgrade to sp2 i have to rebuild both my AD server as well as my exchange server. just wondering do you have a migration guide to sp2?? if not do i have to rebuild my network from scratch?? or is there another solution you suggest??

  2. Silvio Tavares says:


    Because Exchange 2010 hosting mode was discontinued by Microsoft, it brought a huge headache for IT company here.

    Talking with some friends we are moving to Exchange SP2 on a whole
    new environment, the Dell servers already arrived and are being
    implemented within, but by what I read this SP2 did not bring anything
    new to those who have to work with Exchange Hosting multiple domains
    with so, as we are a company with dozens of domains need to have the
    product working that way.

    But the advantage of Exchange 2010 SP1 running at hosting is that
    each director of each domain manages your e-mail accounts and policies
    without having to go here for the Matrix understood.

    But from what we saw here in the new installation of SP2, it
    installed the same way as always, via graphic and not with the command /
    hosting because it no longer exists, but so far everything seems to be
    normal as the Exchange until we can put the acceptable domains by EMC
    SP2, but this way those who have to manage all email accounts would be
    the same here and that is exactly what we do not understand.

    If you have some stuff talking about where we have the option to
    create multiple domains in SP2 and how is the management of each domain
    in this new version would be very grateful.

    Thank you again.

    Silvio Tavares – Systems Analyst

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