Reset Search Index in Microsoft Exchange 2013

If you happen to need to reset the search index for an Microsoft Exchange 2013 mailbox database you would have noticed that the “ResetSearchIndex.ps1” script that used to be present in Exchange 2010 was removed. So this is what you should do to reset the search catalog of an Exchange 2013 mailbox database

  1. Stop-Service HostControllerService (you can simply run this command from powershell or stop the service in the services mmc
  2. go do the folder hosting your mdb file and delete the folder named with a long GUID
  3. Start-Service HostControllerService

That’s about it

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One comment on “Reset Search Index in Microsoft Exchange 2013
  1. Eran Ovadya says:

    Any Ideas how to order the search service NOT to index specific items (messages)


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