BootStrap Lync Server 2013 – The Given Key was not present in the dictionary

I have recently faced a problem with a Lync Server 2013 installation during bootstrapping the server, specifically the error was occurring when the Script is running the
“Disable-Cscomputer” powershell comnand in order to disable unused roles. It was really a weird behavior, especially since the server was newly installed and all services were successfully up and running.


note that the Lync Server is running the french language therefore i have attached a screenshot showing the error in English, this screen shot was taken from the following forum thread
speaking about the thread, i have followed the guide lines ( adding a missing registry key ) with no luck although the key was missing.
After a series of tests and troubleshooting it came to my attention to compare the list of updates the server was running against another server, i have noticed that the defected server was running
the May 2015 Cumulative updates  KB 3051949 May 2015 Cumulative Update 5.0.8308.887 for Lync Server 2013 (Front End Server and Edge Server) these updates update the front-end server components to 5.0.8308.884 as shown in the below screenshots
while comparing with my lab Server which was working I have noticed that the front-End sever is running the 5.0.8308.872 version [CU5 February 2015]
therefore I went and removed the Front-End Server updates alone which rolled backup the front-End Sever components version to 5.0.8308.0 since this was newly installed server with no other precedent updates installed.
I should mention that uninstalling Updates is something that i don’t recommend it usually.
notice that the front End services version has rolled back to the RTM version number, since as already mentioned it is a newly installed server.
After rebooting the server i was able to successfully bootstrapping the server.
This being said the problem was cleared, however this has introduced another problem in this scenario, since the front-End Server has been rolled back to the RTM version state which has broken the UCWA Services.
So here i am stuck again, so went further by re-installing the latest update again with no luck, the problem remained. so I was left with a broken UCWA!
so I said I should download and install the same update that is already installed on my lab there,
however I wasn’t able to locate an online copy of the CU5 sine as we all know that the Update link is always updated with the latest version.
Fortunately i still have a copy of the February Update  saved in my one Drive public folder, therefore i went and downloaded this version on the server
I should say that installing only the front-End Services updates didn’t the problem, ( the screen shot below shows that the front-End Services version have been rolled back to the RTM version )


The solution
in order to solve this problem, I had to do the following :
1) Uninstall the May 2015 update from all Lync components and also the Unified Management
2) Install CU5 February 2015 and make sure that you follow all the procedures in order to enable mobility service and the Unified Communications Web API.
at this stage technically you should be able to bootstrap the server and the issue is cleared. you can verify this by trying to access the Lyndiscover url
3) Install May 2015 Cumulative Updates for all Lync components ( no need to Run Enable-csTopology and bootstrap again,
however you can run the bootstrap just to double check the everything is working)
Hope that you find this post usueful and spare sometime whenver you face the problem

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