Behind the blog
ZeroHourSleep.com is a co-authored blog by Antoine Khater & Charbel Hanna

Antoine Khater

I have been working in IT consultancy and solution integration since 1998 and I consider myself lucky to be, one in a few, making a living out of my passion.

I have earned over the year a number of certifications and I’m currently active member of the famous Experts Exchange (profile here) online community where I try my best to share what I have learned along the road.

My contribution at ZeroHourSleep can be found >>here<<

Charbel Hanna
I’ve always been living in the IT world and I’ve had the chance to start my IT consultancy journey in 2004 and i am still enjoying it! I can’t wait to start sharing with you what i have learned so far.

My contribution at ZeroHourSleep can be found >>here<<

The Blog
So, what’s ZeroHourSleep.com?
ZeroHourSleep is where we will post our notes, notes that we don’t want to forget and hope you could benefit from them to.