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Reset Search Index in Microsoft Exchange 2013

If you happen to need to reset the search index for an Microsoft Exchange 2013 mailbox database you would have noticed that the “ResetSearchIndex.ps1” script that used to be present in Exchange 2010 was removed. So this is what you

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Returning “Automatic” services only in powershell

There are a lot of cases when you might need to check the services on a server and it is a pity that the get-service powershell cmdlet doesn’t return the startup type of a service. That makes it useless for

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Microsoft Exchange 2010 Management console is pointing to a wrong / orphan server

Sometimes Microsoft Exchange 2010 Management console get stuck and tries to connect to the wrong server instead of the one you are logged on to. If it is only connecting to the wrong server (but connecting) you can simply right

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Quick Tip: Fix “Enable Web-based distribution” greyed out in offline address book

After upgrading from Microsoft Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 or 2010 you might notice that the “Enable Web-based distribution” option is greyed out. The first thing to check is if you have moved the Offline Address Book generation to an

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Cannot install the Certificate Authority Web Enrollment component

I have recently been faced with a Certificate Authority server running on Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 that was refusing to have the Web Enrollment component installed. I have tried installing by the GUI and using powershell using add-windowsfeature ADCS-Web-Enrollment and

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Outlook mail forwarding rule to external address not working

You might notice that, your Microsoft Exchange environment, if your users setup outlook rules to automatically forward their emails to an external email address, these rules will not work and the forwarded email will never leave your organization. This is

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